• No our product is not a paint. Our products have been designed to penetrate the surface pore structure of concrete, clay bricks, mortar, concrete block and sandstone. Our products then bond to the walls of these pores permanently attaching our colorants within the surface. Commercially available paints are formulated as a surface coating and as such largely sit proud as a film coating of what they have been applied to.

  • No. Bricks or mortar that have been recoloured by our trained technicians won’t fade due to the UV radiation in the sun nor will they wash out causing a colour change. We have thousands of jobs around the world (and hundreds of jobs in Australia) that are proof of this. In addition we subject our products to accelerated weathering tests in more extreme conditions that would be found in service. Our products come through these extreme tests unscathed. For more detailed technical information please refer to our technical information section.

  • This depends on the type of product that we are recolouring whether it is bricks only, or mortar only, or block only or a combination of either and the type of colour change we are making. Generally speaking most of our application is done by hand, one brick at a time, or in the case of mortar, by hand inch by inch. We use a variety of different techniques and methods for applying our colour treatments; this includes brushing, sponging, rollers, rags, air brush, airless spray etc. The correct application is selected to give authentic, cost effective results.

  • We manufacture and install a number of products. Essentially our products are water based (or hydrous) emulsions with base polymers and copolymers and additives. These emulsions carry colourfast inorganic pigments that are adjusted by our technicians on site to affect the job at hand. The chemist that designed these products for recolouring also developed some speciality products and auxiliary products to work with the recolouring emulsions. The products are Low VOC and qualify for a Green Star Building Council of Australia (GSBCA) credit.

  • Yes the product is environmentally safe. Wash up is with water; our colour technicians remove any waste product from your site. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Summary (M.S.D.S)

  • No, our product is not available to the DIY market for a number of reasons. The main one is that extensive on the job training is needed to know how to formulate and apply the colour treatment (this often takes an average of two to three years experience). There is only one opportunity to recolour brick so it has to be done right the first time for authentic, guaranteed results.

  • Our products and testing have been designed for installation into vertical masonry (precast, concrete, bricks, mortar, blocks, sandstone) usually erected in a wall as part of a home or building or fence. We can recolour horizontal surfaces as well and will only take these jobs on after viewing them to see whether our treatment is suitable. We usually don’t warrant jobs on pavers, drivers and pathways as we have no control over the conditions that they are going to be subjected to.

Frequently Asked Questions