How it works

Behind Nawkaw's technology

Existing masonry and brickwork

Need to recolour an existing wall, facade or cladding? The process is simple. First, choose your colour. We’ll help you match it to any existing building’s facade. 

That colour gets applied to the brick’s surface by a Nawkaw Accredited Applicator - usually by hand. The colour then permeates the concrete (or brick and mortar), integrating into its structure.

The result is a smooth, even finish that complements the surface textures - for a stunning, yet natural look.

Concrete Walling

Choose your colour. Our experts can help you match it to new building designs.

A Nawkaw-accredited applicator will then add the colour to the precast concrete or walling at the pouring stage. The colour distributes evenly throughout the blocks, giving an even, natural look. That means precast and concrete walling can be delivered already coloured and ready to go - saving time on site.