Alexandria Warehouse

An authentic look whilst remaining true to the history of the building

Project Background

  • Original building was constructed from common bricks and operated as a warehouse.
  • Numerous alterations over the years resulted in mismatched brickwork.
  • The new owner wanted to restore the building but retain its inherent brick character. The aim was to enhance the common brickwork facade to an appealing "face” brick facade to increase street presence.

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    • Find an efficient and effective solution to convert the dirty common brickwork with corroded mortar joints into an attractive facade.
    • To colour match all the brickwork to achieve an authentic look whilst remaining true to the history of the building.
    • NAWKAW's first step in the restoration process was to clean the existing brickwork and then remove and repoint the corroded mortar.
    • Once the surface was prepared NAWKAW's technician applied the company's unique colour penetration technology to the brickwork. This gave the building a much needed facelift and created a smooth and consistent finish.
    • The decorative arches above the windows were coloured to match a traditional blue-black brick.
    • "The results were already visibly apparent a day after NAWKAW started, especially as there was no major scaffolding covering the work." Ron Natoli, Project Manager
    • The brick facade was restored in a manner that retained the traditional feel of the building whilst at the same time giving it street appeal.

    • Rather than set up a construction site with scaffolding NAWKAW used a scissor lift to move up the wall, which was much less invasive on the street.
      NAWKAW's Colour Penetration Technology is formulated using colour fast oxide pigments which penetrate the surface of the masonry. The advantages of the product are numerous:U.V. and weather resistant
    • Quick drying
    • Resistant to mould and mildew
    • Design not to fade, peel and crack
    • Minimal, if any, on-going maintenance
    • U.V and weather resistant
    • Up to 30 year Limited guarantee