Clyde Village Shopping Centre

Earthy finish with stability and low maintenance


Clyde Village Shopping Centre included a 3200m2 Coles Supermarket, 19 Speciality tenancies, a village square, associated on grade carparks, and provision of 2 pad sites for a family restaurant and fuel outlet. 

Architects – Clarke Hopkins Clarke

Construction - Maben Group P/L

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  • The client desired an earthy finish with stability and low maintenance to the panels, consistent in aesthetics to weathered steel. The project budget could not extend to the cost of core10 steel and ongoing maintenance to the rust and staining effects resulting from its use was to be avoided.

  • Trials were undertaken to layer Nawkaw's translucent stains to give a rustic weathered steel like finish. 3 final tones were accepted, as a light and dark Trans brown over trans yellow on the plain monolithic panels and a Charcoal over  trans yellow base for the contrasting patterned panels.

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