Epping Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market

1.5km of perimeter sound wall


The project was delivered under a design and construct model managed by Major Projects Victoria for the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation. The warehouse build being a collaboration between private sector parties, Hansen Yuncken and Propertylink Australian Industrial Partnership. The project included 1.5 km of sound barrier walling made of precast panels.

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  • The client desired a natural concrete finish with colour stability and low maintenance to the panels. A soft cream, earthy red and Charcoal Black tone was desired.

  • Trials were undertaken and Nawkaw's translucent stains were applied by roll application to give a natural concrete oxide like finish. 3 final tones were accepted, a pale off white, Trans rustic Red and Charcoal Black applied to the plain monolithic panels in a patterned configuration.

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