Blackburn Paragon Apartments

A natural blended brick work finish


Paragon is an 80 apartment development over 4 levels with 2 levels of basement. Inspired by the artworks of Philipp Schaerer, crisp white render against brick masonry is used to compose a series of additions and subtractions from the facade while an angled mansard roof gives the building a strong presence within the streetscape.


A traditional brick finish complimenting the suburbs

A Natural looking brick finish complimented with black frames and white render elements

Convincing brick finish with convenience of precast construction

A 3 toned brick effect applied onsite by hand.

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  • The client desired a natural blended brick work finish yet with installation efficiencies in speed and structural design offered with precast elements in construction.

  • Designs were drawn around the brick patterned precast elements cast in natural concrete. Colour trials were undertaken to emulate a brown blend of brickwork. Nawkaw’s 3 final tones were accepted, applied to the patterned panels once erected, with access by swing and EWP.

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