Q Theatre

Simulated oxide coloured concrete


The precast cladding panels for the Q Theatre Auditorium were originally specified with a proprietary oxide / sand mix, in addition to a textured mould­ pattern.

After detailed consultation between the precast supplier, Nawkaw NZ, the engineer and architect it was decided to use a staining option to provide consistent colour over grey patterned precast panels. Due to areas of the pattern having a honed finish McCallum chip w

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  • To manufacture a staining colour that was sympathetic to the surrounding historic brick buildings.

    To ensure the staining maintained a rustic appearance and simulated oxide coloured concrete as opposed to a painted finish.

    Ensuring any repairs of damage to the panels (patches or marks) matched both the physical finish of the panels (sand blasted, honed and off form finishes) were not visible through the translucent finish.

  • All physical repairs were completed by the precast manufacturer in conjunction with Nawkaw with the final faring coat being installed by Nawkaw and shaped and coloured to match the base concrete substrate to ensure the repairs were not visible through the final colour.

    The proposed sample colour was de­veloped with the architect taking into account the context of the historic brickwork on the buildings adjacent to the proposed new theatre.

    New technology transparent oxide products were used to allow the aggregate in the polished sections of the panels to be visible through the stain.

    To ensure the colour allowed for the aggregate on the honed sections of panel to be visible.

    Installation of a translucent finish in uncontrolled conditions (in situ colour­ing)

    A full sized sample panel was coloured for architects approval and then delivered to site as a reference panel for the main contractor.

    The colour was applied on site once the precast panels were installed.

    • Quick Drying
    • Resistant to mould and mildew
    • Design not to fade, peel and crack.
    • Minimal, if any, on-going maintenance
    • U.V and weather resistant
    • Up to 30 year Limited guarantee

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