Silk Apartments Sydney

Bespoke stone effects with long life vivid punch contrasts


New construction of 20 storey apartment tower. Jump form insitu concrete core with load bearing external and internal precast concrete walls. The project was delivered under design and construct for Lend Lease. The project architects were Tony Caro Architecture. The site at Jackson's landing was cut into the sandstone. The walling below podium level was insitu concrete. The walling above podium level was grey precast concrete elements.

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  • The client designed the walling with deep punch window rebates that required sharp vivid colour contrasts to the vertical walling. In addition the walling had to look like a natural material and not as a monotone opaque applied finish. We developed two simulated stone finishes for the project. One a bespoke dark granite and the other a bespoke light sandstone. Because of the complexity of the colour design and for savings in cost and program these colour finishes were applied at the precast factory prior to delivery to site.

    On the north west elevation the insitu cast and precast aesthetics had to be the same.

  • Bespoke stone effects applied finishes were developed to the architects designs as well as long life vivid punch contrasts.

    The insitu concrete had to be previously skim coated to match the forms and texture of the precast. These colour finishes were applied both in the precast factory and on site. The external precast weather proof caulking was colour coded by our coatings to match the precast.

    • Quick Drying
    • Resistant to mould and mildew
    • Design not to fade, peel and crack
    • Minimal, if any, on-going maintenance
    • U.V and weeather resistant
    • Up to 30 year Limited guarantee.

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