Wilmers Road Pump Station

We understood their vision


A SCIRT project (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) earthquake remediation.

A pump station in Christchurch built in off form precast panels. Originally the panels were to be coloured using a brown oxide in the concrete mix.

The architect was aiming to achieve a colour similar to Corten steel (rusted). The precast manufacturer suggested Nawkaw as a staining alternative to brown oxide.

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  • To understand and capture the architect's vision of a Corten finish and create a stain finish that matched this vision.

    To ensure the solution that was finalised was cost effective and recreatable.

    To ensure the application of the stain also minimised any repairs or marks on the precast panels.

    To ensure compatibility with any sealersĀ or anti graffiti products being used on the pump station.

  • Prior to any colour application the concrete was steam and citrus cleaned.

    Nawkaw remediated any physical repairs as required with isolated colour to ensure an even colour and texture on the panels prior to colouring.

    We worked in close consultation with the architect to understand what her vision of Corten Steel is and the level of oxidisation she wanted to see on the panels.

    A sample was delivered to the architect on a Fibre cement sheet to ensure we had understood her vision.

    The finish was then adjusted to better suit what the architect was looking for.

    A further sample was completed on an off form concrete panel in the precast manufacturers yard for the architect to approve.

    Prior to the commencement of the colouring of the building final consultation and colouring of a small area on the building were completed for the architect's approval.