Restoration of Bricks and Mortar

Sometimes repairs or necessary alterations to old brickwork on buildings or heritage facades leave the brickwork mismatching or discoloured . Nawkaw technicians can blend , match colours and restore the old heritage style brickwork to its former glory.

Bricks and Mortar - Heritage

Imagine a colour. Any colour at all. Thanks to Nawkaw's innovative precast technology, you can apply it to any brick wall.

It's weather-resistant. Long-lasting. Cost-effective. Environmentally friendly. And the results are stunning.

There's no cracking or peeling. Because there's no paint involved. Instead, Nawkaw's colour infusion process ensures an impressive finish that withstands the elements.

How it works.

It’s simple. First, choose your colour. We’ll help you match it to any existing building’s colouring. Or match it to a new building’s design.

That colour gets applied to the brick or mortar surface by a Nawkaw Accredited Applicator - usually by hand. The colour then permeates the concrete, integrating into its structure.

The results? A smooth, even finish that complements the brick textures. Stunning, yet natural colouring. And a harmonious look for your building’s facade.

Unique finishes. Seamless matching.

Nawkaw colours aren’t just superior. They’re unique. The range of colours we offer is far wider than traditional brick colouring methods. That means we can ensure masonry matches your existing facade perfectly.

Why choose Nawkaw

  • Stunning, natural finish
  • Doesn’t peel, scratch or wear off
  • Up to 30-year guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Large range of colour swatches
  • Match colours to existing facades
  • Resists the elements
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lasts longer than traditional brick colouring

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Enhance new and existing building facades

  • Restore discoloured concrete and masnory

  • Blend renovations and extensions

  • Match to existing building colours

  • New custom colour specialist finishes

  • Remedy mismatched brickwork and masonry